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In October of 2007 I had a dream that I bought a quarter horse. I had the same dream in November and  December of that same year. Mind you, I hadn't ridden or touched a horse, since I was in my 20's.

My friend, Laura, invited me to an equine rescue facility in January 2008. I was thrilled to have horses in my life again. My life long dream was to own a horse, but I didn't believe that would ever happen. 

I volunteered about 40 hours a week at an equine rescue. The job I loved the most was assisting the equine vet with surgeries, meds, vaccinations, emergencies, etc. I couldn't get enough of these animals. Also, I helped with the rides for Autistic children. It was amazing to talk to the parents of the kids. These kids went from never talking in their lives to being able to communicate with their parents. The parents had HOPE! What a blessing that was to see.

One day I brought my daughter, Michelle, to the equine rescue. I was showing her around the property and one of the horses I hadn't seen before put her head between ours, as if to say, "You don't need to look at any other horses, I'm the one you want!" This was the same horse I had pictured in my dreams! The next time I brought one of my son's to the rescue, and the same horse did the same thing to us. Her name was Phoebee.

In April of 2008, I asked my husband, Fernando, if we could pay to sponsor Phoebee, which entailed paying for all her food for one year and being responsible for her grooming. Fernando was on board with this idea and he said, "That would be great, because we don't want to own a horse!" I too said, "No, we don't want to own a horse!!!" 


A condition of sponsorship included having the first right to buy the horse if someone came in to purchase them. Well, someone came in to purchase Phoebee. You know what happened next...we bought Phoebee.

When I had Phoebee vet checked, the vet told me, "I would NEVER tell anyone to buy this horse. She has ringbone in her right hind and she's lame. There's a reason why Phoebee was supposed to go to slaughter!" I loved this horse and I knew she was meant to be in my life, so we bought her anyway.

Phoebee had many ups and downs. At one point, she was in so much pain, I wondered if there was "HOPE" for my sweet mare. I found out about an amazing vet, Dr. Lauren DeRock, and I took her to have bodywork and acupuncture done. Wow, what a difference she made in Phoebee's life. 

I then found an amazing bodyworker in my area and I had Phoebee worked on regularly. This bodyworker recommended not vaccinating Phoebee. He felt as if this was her main problem. We were definitely seeing the correlation with the vaccinations, every six months she was great, until she got another vaccination. 

I let my vet know I didn't want to vaccinate Phoebee anymore. He told me, "The only vaccination I feel you should give her is West Nile." I went ahead with the West Nile vaccination, and I thought it was going to kill her. Phoebee was in so much pain. It was as if her body was on fire. I couldn't touch her anywhere. And to add insult to injury, all of Phoebee's pain caused her to get an ulcer.

When I had my bodyworker out to work on Phoebee, he said, "Angie, what happened? Phoebee was doing better than I'd ever seen her. Did you vaccinate her again?" I dropped my head and said, "Yes, I did." 😢

I thought this may be the end of the road for Phoebee, but she pulled through this horrible nightmare. With a combination of bodywork, detoxing, and a natural ulcer supplement, Phoebee's still with me. Phoebee's ringbone is shrinking and she's completely out of pain in her right hind leg. I no longer vaccinate, so her body is pain free too! Interestingly enough, I had horrible health problems of my own, but because of all the amazing people I've met throughout this journey with Phoebee, my health problems are gone too. 

The love and compassion I have for these beautiful animals goes beyond words. This is the reason why I had to go into doing bodywork on horses. I want to be able to give people a "Touch of Hope" that we can turn their horses lives around, and that you can continue to ride your beloved friend.

Touch of Hope,
Angie, Phoebee, Simbaa & Chloe

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