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Read how others have experienced a Touch of Hope


"Angie has been a friend and advocate as I went through health issues with my mare. I was very confused when my mare bucked off a rider, and I had to find out why.  Angie has a sense of understanding horses, identifying issues, finding pain points and finding a release for the pain to make the horse more comfortable. The type of therapy Angie offers is non traditional, but effective. The pain in my horse came from her back, but by the time we identified it, it had spread through the shoulders, withers and neck. 

Angie is amazing, and super honest. My horse was able to get so much more comfortable within three sessions. I was willing to do more sessions because my horse was obviously feeling much better, however Angie’s intention is not to make money, but to help. She told me I needed to speak with the vet again and get x-rays. Angie helped me through everything, even came to the vet appointments and we were able to get answers.

When going through issues with your horse, I feel like everyone has an opinion and is telling you 100 things, but no one ever knows the full answer. Angie is there to help you find it."

- Sierra


"Hi Angie, 

I must say, I rode with a critical feel not expecting much but was very pleasantly surprised. Her shoulders, withers and back seemed to move with a freer feeling-more relaxed and more rhythmically  She picked up a short canter on the trail very willingly. All in all, I was impressed enough to ask the contact at our ranch, for more information. She's going to be getting the book and DVD (for the Masterson Method) and is willing to share. I have traditionally been a skeptic about massage and chiropractic work on horses but today's little trail ride has given me a new perspective. Thank you for your time and effort with Daisy!"

- Lisa


Both of my horses have had many, many sessions with bodyworkers and chiropractors. I have never seen them as relaxed, as happy, and as comfortable as they were during and after their session with Angie. 

Angie Gaudy is warm, caring and generous while remaining balanced in observation, awareness and skill. I am thrilled to have her on my health care team for my animals. Thank you for being you, Angie!

- Karen (and Jake and Z)


I want to share my horse's story through his healing process. I found Angie doing her Masterson Method a year ago. She has an amazing ability to tune in to your animal's body. It has been like peeling an onion, layer by layer. He has become a healthier, happier horse with her more intensive work using Tucker BioKinetics. She has gotten even deeper with bone, organs and tissue, along with his mind. Our bodies and animals bodies are amazing, and given the right tools and the right people we can overcome anything. Angie has changed the soreness in his back, neck, poll and his mind from unpleasant issues in his past. I am pleased and thankful I found her and I'm enjoying watching my horse become the beautiful animal he is meant to be, Heart and Soul. I know Buddie thanks her too!

- Cindy (and Buddie)


"My horse was in so much pain, I wasn't able to ride her. Since she's had the releases and bodywork, my horse is COMPLETELY out of pain. 

I'm so happy to have my horse back!"


"When I got Tundra, my 6 yr old shepherd, four months ago, he was very quiet and slow moving. Even though I had his hips tested, they checked out as being sound, he had very poor posture and crossed his back legs when walking slow. Recently, he fell and seemed to hurt his back and was even quieter than normal, and his posture got even worse. After just one session with Angie, Tundra has improved tremendously! I wasn't with her when she worked with him, but I was greeted by an energetic, happy dog. And he was walking straight and no leg crossing! It has been a few days now and each day he continues to impress me. He is running and playing with the other dogs now too, which he did sometimes for short times before, but never with this consistency. I am excited to see what happens next :]"

- Megan & Tundra


"Angie approaches the horses with confidence compassion and above all an intention to heal. As with many horses my Morgan came to me in general good health, but with a lifetime of emotional and physical guarding, due to his life circumstances, training and use. Angie is able to break through, layer by layer to allow him to release, relax and let go of old trauma (emotional and physical), tightness and restrictions. She helped realign his spine, release tight muscles and stimulate muscles that were not working properly or were just plain de-conditioned. He responds with softness in his eyes, relaxation in his deep and superficial tissues and muscles, resulting in more comfort and freedom of movement.


I feel that I have been waiting all my life for this horse (and he for me). And I feel that we meet the right people at the right times in our lives for our hearts and physical well being. Angie is in my life now, not only as a friend, but to help me improve my horses health, well being and relationships with me. She has a gift and truly shares it from her heart."

- Jeanne


In December of 2018, I was told by my vet that there was not much more we could do for my 17 year old gelding.  It was just a matter of giving him medications to keep him comfortable and for how long.  I was devastated!  After the initial sadness and tears I felt that this was not the end.  I knew there was something else, another way, something that was being missed.  I began to search for something or someone that could help us.  I came across Angie's website and immediately related to her story about her mare. 

I reached out and when she came to work on my boy he was in such bad shape he could barely walk.  Pain all throughout his body.  After one session with Angie my boy was walking better, holding his body different and had a light of hope in eyes.  I didn’t understand exactly what she did, but it gave me hope for him. 

It’s been a little less than 3 months but he is a different horse.  We are still on the road of recovery but the changes I have seen in him I can not even explain.  He is now off all medications and looking better than I have seen him in a long time.  Angie is truly gifted at what she does!!

- Stephanie and Etchy

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