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I hereby apply for equine/canine bodywork and massage therapy. I understand that the intent is to improve the functionality of my horse and/or dog's body; however, the work is not represented as a substitute for veterinary care.

I recognize that the process of this treatment necessitates that my horse and/or dog's body be touched, and I give permission to Angie Gaudy, to touch my horse and/or dog's body. This consent form will apply to all equine/canine bodywork sessions from this date forward unless revoked in writing.

I understand that Angie cannot diagnose illness or lameness, nor can she prescribe treatments or medications, herbal or pharmaceutical. 

To the best of my knowledge, I have given Angie all information of my horse and/or dog's health that I believe bodywork could effect, such as injuries, illness, surgeries, skin conditions and allergies. I agree to update Angie with any new information before each equine/canine bodywork session.

Angie reserves the right to reschedule an appointment if a horse and/or dog is presenting any conditions or behaviors* that would be contraindicative to bodywork.

I agree to accept financial responsibility for any appointments and am aware that there is a $50 fee for missed or cancelled appointments without 24 hours notice.

*Possible Contradictions:

Let's reschedule if one of the following conditions is occurring the day of our appointment, please call to discuss

  • Current injuries that are in the acute phases of swelling, heat, pain, lameness.

  • Fever, congestive heart conditions, infection.

  • Illness that will be aggravated by body system changes, such as digestive or lymphatic.

  • Extreme skin conditions or allergic reactions.

  • Extreme anxiety

  • Any other condition that you have a question about.

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